Our environmental principles

On September 4, 2013, we were awarded the  "Österreichische Umweltzeichen" (Austrian Eco-label) and we are proud to present you our environmental guidelines::


As an environmentally responsible company, we take the responsibility for our environment very seriously and strive to achieve improvements in all areas in order to maintain a beautiful and healthy environment for future generations. It is important to us to involve our guests actively in the environmental measures we have set and to make them aware of the importance of environmental protection. Our action pursues the goal of continuously pursuing and improving environmental protection.

The following measures and areas are particularly important to us:

  • Member of the Climate Alliance since 2013
  • Informing our guests, employees and the public about our environmental activities
  • Motivation of our employees for environmentally sound action through regular training in special environmental areas (cleaning, waste separation)
  • Invitation to the guests to actively participate in the implementation of our environmental program
  • Efficient use of energy and water
  • Avoidance of waste through conscious purchasing of products
  • Separation of unavoidable waste
  • Avoidance of water pollution through economical use of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners
  • Avoid polluting and hazardous substances during construction and renovation work
  • Purchase of products that carry an environmental award
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